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Visit to Lacock Abbey and Fox Talbot Museum


As we renewed our Heritage  New Zealand Membership, we decided to visit  a National Trust Property , which we have never been too, even though it was only 30 min away from where I live. I really thoroughly recommend downloading the National Trust app for your phone as that way you can see what properties are around your area and how far away they are from where you live.

Lacock Abbey is near Chippenham, Wiltshire and it is very easy to access as it is just off the M4. I honestly have to say that from all the National Properties we have visited so far, this has been for sure one of the most picturesque ones with absolutely stunning views  and various trails to explore.



The Abbey is a country house with monastic roots ( it used to be a nunnery) and it is also the birthplace of photography. If you are a Harry Potter fan , you will be delighted to know that it stood in as Hogwarts for two of their films. I am personally not a Harry Potter fan ( I guess one of the odd ones) , but my husband  who has watched all of them , was able to recognise where certain scenes were filmed .


My children really enjoyed having a walk in the beautiful grounds . They were given the Lacock Spy Mission Treasure Trail  and that kept them busy for a long while  and they were also more keen to explore the whole grounds.  There is also a lovely children’s play area right opposite the entrance of the grounds . It has play equipment for all ages  and my children really enjoyed playing there too. My experience , in general with NT properties is that they always have something to offer for children and ways to make exploring with little ones much easier and more enjoyable.


Lacock is also the birthplace of photography  , so you definitely need to check out the Fox Talbot Museum , which is situated right near the entrance . My children were excited to see how the first photos were made and the various cameras and equipment that were used in the past. The museum shows the history of photography up to the present day and on their upper floor , they have a dedicated photography gallery. They have various exhibitions throughout the year.

The only part which we were not able to do  was to explore the village. We were able to see from the car some stunning traditional stone cottages and medieval barns  and honestly it looked as if we had stepped back in time. As we have a membership, we certainly intend to go back there again so we can explore this place even more. We spent there 3 hours and that was not enough. I can honestly say that if you are around those ends, you really need to visit this stunning National Trust Property. You can easily spend a whole day there exploring the beautiful grounds and village.

Peace and blessings

Yours Eva






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