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5 Fun ways to learn how to tell the time


One thing ,that I have learnt when it comes to teaching children how to tell the time , is that they are more likely to understand the concept  when it becomes important to them , when they genuinely need to know when certain activities /tasks take place throughout the day . It all starts with the simple questions like- ” When are we going to the park?; what time is dinner?; when are we going swimming ?” etc…

Once the interest is there, teaching them the concept becomes much easier. It is always good to remember that every child is different and some will learn it quicker than others . The most important thing is to follow the child’s lead and to make it as practical and fun as you can. Here are some resources  ,which I have found beneficial in teaching children how to tell the time.

  1. Analogue watch rather than a digital one. We live in times when everything now is in digital format- timings on iPhones, iPads, etc.. so it can be very easy to presume that the best watch to get will be a digital one. The reality is that , a child which is taught how to tell the time in digital format will not be able to tell the time in analogue format at all. Analogue watches also have great learning advantages  – they are extremely useful when it comes to introducing fractions , phases of the moon even for science and great for those visual and kinetic learners.  You do not  have to buy an expensive watch for your child. There are lots of great ones on Amazon and you can easily pick one for less than £15.

    2. Clocks around your house -apart from having the usual wall clocks , I really thoroughly recommend investing in an “Easyread time teacher” wall clock, which is around £ 25.  You can buy similar versions for less , that can be also found on Amazon . We bought ours a few years ago and I have found it extremely beneficial in teaching my children how to tell the time in analogue format.Children find it really easy to read the time  in terms of “minutes past” and minutes to” the hour . The hands and unique face design also tell your child exactly which number to read.  You can also buy matching wrist watches too from the same company.

3.Student clock from Learning Resources –I really recommend this one as it is  small, easy to use and great for when your child is doing any time related worksheets/homework.


4.Workbooks– There are all sorts of  time related workbooks, but I personally really like the Collins ” Telling the time” workbooks. They are for children aged 7-9 and they both support the national curriculum.  For younger children (5-7) , the wipe clean “Telling the time” workbook by Usborne is really good and have fun and colourful illustrations .


5. Time learning Games- there are various types of time related games available nowadays. The Orchard ones  are really good ,in particular the “What’s the time, Mr Wolf” and “Tell the time” game, aimed at children aged 5-9. They are really fun to play with and a great way for children to understand the concept of timing through hands on learning. Role play is another great way to introduce the concept of time. Twinkl , in particular , have great time related resources on their website. I have printed and laminated their Flight timetable sections and we often play/pretend “What time our flight is”.


Hope you found this useful. As with any new concept, always remember to make it fun and hands on, be patient and always give plenty of encouragement. Your child will eventually learn how to tell the time. Let me know what type of resources you have found beneficial and useful.

Peace and blessings





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I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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