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Homeschool Chat with Kafayat Animashawun

“The home is the first and most effective place to learn the lessons of life: truth, honour, virtue, self control, the value of education, honest work, and the purpose and privilege of life. Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children, and no other success can compensate for failure in the home.”
― David O. McKay

Today’s homeschool chat is with homeschooling mama of three  Kafayat , who holds a BSc (Hons) in Health Promotion.  She is interested in health and well being. Her small home business has stemmed from her interest in selling Natural Products, which she uses for herself and her family. I often myself purchase various products from her website- toothpastes, organic honey and have always been extremely happy with her customer service.  She can be found on Instagram @natural_muslim_mummy. 


1)Tell us a bit about your family and your child/ children 

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, My name is Kafayat. I am a mummy of three energetic children. I  recently started a small business from home , named Natural Muslim Mummy, selling Natural and homemade products. My children are ages 6 , 4 and 1. As a family, we enjoy spending time together doing everyday activities things such as shopping , cooking and going to the park. They are my little best friends.

2)What was your main reason for choosing to home educate your children ?

The main reason for home educating my children was to be able to cater to each of my children’s individual needs and to provide them with more freedom than is found in mainstream schools. I wanted the ability to provide a solid religious foundation and to encourage a solid bond as a family.

3) What does a “typical”  home school day look like for your family ?

As a family, we have a very  hectic schedule from madrasah to swimming and  homeschool Ed groups. A typical day at home would start with  Qaaidah and Quran. After a small break, I focus on  reading, writing and spelling with my oldest. At the same  time I also work with my middle child, encouraging him to do Hands-on activities such as sorting, counting and tracing letters. If my eldest requires some assistance I would move between both children. I also have to keep a watchful eye over my youngest, to ensure that he is not doing anything dangerous! After another short break, my oldest child will work  on a maths activity. We try to keep the afternoon free to relax, do outdoor activities or Crafts.

4)What type of a home educator are you ( structured , semi structured , unschooling , Steiner , Montessori etc ) 

I haven’t looked  in-depth into all the different schooling methods as I know I would struggle to stick to one particular method.  From the very little knowledge I would say we are quite unstructured  as  our typical day changes for day to day and we are very flexible and spontaneous. These are some of the qualities we enjoy about home educating. I like the Montessori philosophy, I do try to incorporate  this when introducing new concepts to my children.

5) What do you love the most about home schooling ?

 I love seeing my children following their own interests, and the ability to adapt to their needs, the freedom to choose our own schedule and the flexibility.
6)What is your favourite subject to teach and what is your  least one ? 
My favourite subject to teach is Geography incorporated with some arts and crafts. I enjoy learning along side my children about different cultures,  Languages, Clothing and food.  And integrate craft activities that involve clay, paint or  drawing. My least favourite subject in English as it is not something I enjoyed as a child and I find it quite boring.

7)What do you find challenging when it comes to home schooling your children

Thinking I am not doing enough. I still have the challenge of removing  typical ideas of how education should be like. Secondly, not having enough time for myself and my own interests.

8) How do you deal with unsupportive family , relatives and friends ?

Some of my family and friends don’t understand our reasons for home educating my children. Initially they feared that they would be unsocial and uneducated. However I try not to entertain  negative comments. Over the years now I’ve been homeschooling, they do now see the benefits. Nevertheless, my siblings are very supportive and encouraging.

9) Where do you see your home schooling journey in 5 years time ?

 In 5 years time, My eldest child will be 12 , my middle child would be 10 and my youngest child will be 6 inshaAllah. My eldest would be secondary education. and hopefully we would continue to home educate our children inshaAllah.

10) What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start home educating their children ?

 For those who are choosing to home educate their children from the start, just spend quality time with your children, let them play,  follow their interests, spend lots of time outdoors and create memories. Give yourself grace  and make  time for yourself even if its  going to a cafe, getting a pedicure,  going  to a sisters night out, exercising, book clubbing, anything. Invest in yourself so you can give to your children.

Published by ivushka1985

I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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