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Homeschool Chat with Sophie Aguirre

“To make the most of this homeschooling life, we need to create the conditions for our children to thrive. Indoor and outdoor environments rich with imaginative play, natural objects, interesting people, good books, art supplies, and organic experiences, to name a few. And above all, a parent committed to letting them explore, learn and grow at their own pace.  “Ainsley Arment

Today’s Tuesday’s home school chat brings you  Muslim mama of three , Sophie. You can find Sophie on Instagram @ourjourneyathome, where she shares lovely snippets of their home ed journey and what they get up to.

1)Tell us a bit about your family and your child/ children 

Asalaam Aleikum , my name is Sophie. I am a Belgian convert and moved to London, UK nearly nine years ago when I married my Algerian husband. We have three children together. My son who is 7, daughter who is 5 and our baby who is now about 7 months old. Alhamdullilah. We don’t have many family members close by so we rely on each other a lot. I would like to think we are all very different but very close too and I pray it stays like this forever. 


2 What was your main reason for choosing to home educate your children ?

I had never heard of home education until my son was a few years old and I started looking into nurseries and the school system here in England. I sent him- very eagerly- to nursery when he turned three just as everyone else seemed to be doing. But that didn’t go as well as I had anticipated and after a month I decided to keep him home and give him some more time. That is when I started looking into alternative ways of educating. The same thing happened by the time he had to start reception. I decided to let him start and try school, although I was already seriously considering home education. And again, he was not ready. While in some ways he did really well in other ways it was too overwhelming for him and I was called to pick him up at least once a week, some weeks up to three times. So just before his fifth birthday our ‘official’ home educating journey began. 

3 What does a “typical”  home school day look like for your family? 

Everyday looks so different for us, and not very often are we home all day. But generally when we do spend a day at home we would start the day gently with our current read out loud while we have breakfast. And from there we roll into some formal work, especially with my eldest, like maths and spelling. We always seem to do a lot of reading and we love to play some games together too as part of our learning journey. Pretty much every day by lunchtime we have some sort of art or craft going at the table or they are building and playing and making animals out of clay together. I find play extremely valuable so I try to leave more then enough time for that. 

4)What type of a home educator are you ( structured , semi structured , unschooling , classical , Charlotte Mason , Steiner , Montessori etc

I don’t think we fit into one of these boxes at all and I am happy to do our own thing while implementing whatever ideas we like from different methods. 

5) What do you love the  most about home education ?

I love the freedom! The freedom to be outdoors a lot, to take life easy whenever one of us needs some calm, to work around my husbands crazy working hours, to let them become their own person, to teach them whatever is important to us, the freedom of spending more time together. The extra time that we get to spend together is so precious to me. 


6 )What is your favourite subject to teach and what is your  least one ? 

Anything creative! I wish we could just do ‘art schooling’ all day and abandon the maths and English, haha. 

7)  What do you find challenging when it comes to home schooling your children

As much as I love to be with them, I also would like a bit more space at times. A bit more quiet to hear my own thoughts and fulfil my own needs. Or maybe the hardest part is always doubting yourself and never being able to turn that ‘homeschool-mum-brain’ completely off. 

8) How do you deal with unsupportive family , relatives and friends ?

Generally I have very supportive family and friends. And the ones that aren’t so supportive don’t actually ask or say much at all so that’s fine by me. 

9)Where do you see your home schooling journey in 5 years time ?

My youngest would be 5 by then so I would still love to be home educating, but I am open for my older ones to start school if they want to. And if they choose to stay home I will try my hardest to support them in that decision too. We will take it one year at the time and do what’s best for all of us. 


10) What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start home educating their children? 

Block out the noise! Don’t listen or watch what everyone else is doing but just follow your own instinct. Do what is best for your family and children. No one knows your family as you do so be confident about your decisions. Feel empowered by the thought that you have such a big influence on your families life and learning journey. A happy and inspired mum will influence her home to be happy and inspired. 



Published by ivushka1985

I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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