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12 Hajj and Eid ul- Adha books for children

Throughout the years,  I have always found it a struggle to find books on Hajj and Eid ul -Adha. There are so many more books for Ramadan in comparison to the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah. However, I made it a bit of a mission for myself to find more books related to Hajj. So here is a selection of the various books. I have separated them in two sections – books on Hajj and books on Eid-ul Adha. This post uses affiliated links .

Hajj books

1 )”I  am Hajj” 

Author- Amal Al Aride
Publisher- Safo Publications
Target group – 2-5 years old

“Amal Issa Al-Aride is the founder of Safoo Publications and has over 10 years experience in children’s broadcasting, production, animation and screen writing.  Safoo Publications is a children’s publishing house with a team of creatives whose main mission is to encourage knowledge, awareness & kindness with all. Safoo’s ethos is to be just & capture the truth about what faith is all about and to entertain, educate & inspire readers from all faiths, for generations. Amal has also produced content for multiple broadcasting stations in the UK and Middle East and has contributed to hundreds of televised productions.”

This is a really adorable book for young children. It goes through the various  Hajj rituals and practices in a child friendly way , with simple words, making it very easy for young children to understand what Hajj is. The illustrations are also very cute. I was really actually very pleasantly surprised at how lovely this book is. There are two more books in the same series ” I am Salah ” and ” I am the Holy Quran.  ” I am Hajj” can be bought from Amazon-


2) Hajj Harmonies

Author- Elizabeth Lymer
Publisher- Createspace Independent Publishing Company 2015
Illustrations– Kim Remann, Sandy Quigley
Age Range- 2-5

“Hajj Harmonies takes children along a melodious journey through the pillars of Hajj and the Islamic requirements for making pilgrimage to the Holy city of Makkah. Share the beauty of Hajj with the children in your life through lyrical nursery rhymes and colouring pages. ”

We are big fans of Elizabeth Lymer and have nearly almost all of her books. Needless to say she is a very gifted author and her rhymes are always very catchy and playful . This poetry book is absolutely fantastic for  babies , toddlers and preschoolers. There are 12  nursery rhymes, based on some of the most popular English nursery rhymes such as  ” Mary had a little lamb”, ” A big red bus”, Wind the Bobbin up ” and many more. And if you do not know the tunes, you do not have to worry, because Hajj Harmonies are on Elizabeth Lymer’s  YouTube channel free of charge and with no advertisements – how can you now love this ?! The colouring pages are without any features of the faces and you can easily photocopy them if you have more than one child and you want to reuse the book. Hajj Harmonies always makes a great book if you are teacher in a Sunday Islamic school . The book can be bought from Amazon –

3) Going To Mecca

Author-Naima B Robert
Illustrator- Valentina Cavallini
Age range-5-11
Publisher-Lincoln  Children’s Books

“”Come with the pilgrims

as they set out on a journey,

a journey of patience

to the city of Mecca.”

“We are led on the journey of a lifetime to the city of Mecca – the pilgrimage known to Muslims as the Hajj. The pilgrims walk with heads bare and feet in sandals; they call to Allah; they kiss or point to the Black Stone, as the Prophet did. Arriving at Mecca, they surge round the Ka’aba, shave their heads and travel to Mount Arafat. Finally, though their bodies are tired and aching, their spirits are uplifted, knowing that with thousands of others they have performed the sacred pilgrimage. ”

This is a wonderful book that portrays the  various aspects of Hajj. It is not very detailed but has enough information and is great to be used as starting point on what the pilgrimage means for those who undertake it. The illustrations are absolutely incredible, credit to the super talented Valentina Cavallini. The book also has a page at the end with some of the most important aspects of Hajj, such as – The station of Ibrahim, the well of ZamZam etc with a bit of information on them. ” Going to Mecca” makes a great addition to public and school libraries as well. It can be bought from Amazon –

4) Tell me about Hajj 

Publisher- Goodword books
Age group- 6 and above
Author- Saniyasnain Khan

– “The story of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, begins over 4000 years ago when, following the Divine command, the Prophet Ibrahim travelled for a long distance till he reached the hot, barren lands of Arabia. There he left his wife, Hagar, and his little baby, Ismail. The story goes on to tell how Hagar struggled to find water for her baby and how at last the miraculous Zamzam spring came gushing out and saved their lives. This is followed by the great sacrifice of Ibrahim, the building of the Kabah and the call to Hajj. Today, in response to this call, and following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad, over two million believers from every corner of the globe gather in Makkah every year. This book explains the importance of the annual pilgrimage – one of the pillars of Islam – with a special focus on the Prophet Muhammad’s Hajj. These exciting historical events are presented in a simple, informative style, with beautiful colour illustrations and colour photographs, so that young people may understand and enjoy them .”

This is a really great book full of information on Hajj. It is great for older children , aged 6 and above, though younger children may enjoy it too depending on their level of understanding.  The book is brilliant as well for any RE teachers who are covering Hajj as a topic- it is explained in a very  simple way, while still giving enough information on this important pillar of Islam. It also can be used  to make a Hajj notebook for your children, if you would like to do a project like this with them.  I love the sections at the end of the book too- the glossary of Hajj, Places of Hajj and other historical sites and Prayers from the Quran and the Hadith. It is very detailed and full of information on the month of Dhul Hijjah. Last but not least, if you are a revert to Islam , you will also find the book very helpful, as a starting point. It can be bought from Amazon-

5) Yan’s Hajj -The Journey of a Lifetime

Author- Fawzia Gillani
Illustrator- Sophie Burrows
Age range- 5 and 8

“Yan is a big-hearted young man determined to perform Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah. But first, he must work hard on his farm and fill up his money bag for the journey. Despite the trials he faces on each unsuccessful trip to the Kaaba, Yan’s helpful nature, compassion, and generosity enable him to succeed in the end. ”

If you do not know who Fawzia Gillani is , you are seriously missing out.  She is one super talented author who truly has a tremendous gift when it comes to story telling. We have quite a few of her books- Cinderella: An Islamic Tale, Snow White, Husna and the Eid Party and the Lost ring  , just to name a few. I bought “Yan’s Hajj last year and without exaggeration, it has been one of the most beloved books on Hajj for us. I actually find it really very emotional every time I read it and often shed a tear. And for those who have the book,  I won’t be surprised if it has the same effect on you too. And I think the reason for that is that we all see ourselves in brother Yan and his deep earning and bursting desire to visit the holiest place on Earth for Muslims and to be able to perform Hajj.  The story is so heartwarming- one about compassion, generosity, selflessness and putting others’ needs before yours.  I know that the book’s age group range is given as 5-8 years old but this book will definitely be enjoyed by all whether you are 12 or 62. The book can be bought from Kube Publishing- Yan’s Hajj- The Journey of a lifetime


6)The Call to Hajj; The She Camel 

Author- Saniyasnain Khan
Age Range- 4 and above

“Goodword’s Favourite Tales from the Quran are timeless, treasured stories, specially chosen for young children. These stories, which have proved the best loved from one generation to the next, can be clearly understood and are fun to read, share and enjoy.” This is a really small little book , which has two stories from the Quran. The reason, why I have included it , is because it contains a short tale , giving enough and concise information on how Hajj started and the story of prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail ( peace and blessings be upon him ). I like the fact that it is written very simply , so even children as young as 4 will be able to learn about how Hajj started. It can be bought from Amazon –


7) Young Explorers’ Adventures In Makkah

Author- Abu Zaynah Forward by Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari
Age range-8 and above

Zaynah, Maryam and Ali were three young explorers. Together with their guide, uncle Hamza, they explore Makkah, Islam’s holiest city. They take young readers on an exciting journey, revealing lands and places that were an essential part of the development and history of Islam. Join Zaynah, Maryam and Ali on this revealing journey and find out for yourself about the hidden gems that lie within

This book is fantastic for older children , aged 8 and above. They can either read it to themselves or you can do it as a read aloud.  It is an in depth and concise guide on how to perform Umrah and Hajj. It is jam packed with easy to digest information . In addition , it has information on various historically and spiritually significant sites in Makkah and Medina such as Masjid Al Khayf, Masjid Namira, majid Al Bayah and many more , which I myself was not even aware of. I have found the book extremely beneficial for myself too. My children really enjoyed following Zaynah, Maryam and Ali on their blessed journey to Makkah . After each chapter, there is a ” Can you remember ? section, which is a great way to “test” your children on what they have learned or just to have a discussion. It truly is a fantastic book that every Muslim household should have. It can be bought from Amazon-

8) We’re off to make Umrah


Publisher- The Islamic Foundation

Author- Sana Munshey

Illustrator-Eman Salem

Age range- 4-6

Salam, my dear friends,
I hope you’re all well.
If you’ve time to listen
I’ve something to tell

About the first mosque,
A beautiful sight,
Which we face when we pray,
Where the nur shines bright

“Discover the joys of ‘Umrah when a brother and sister travel with their parents to the city of Mecca and perform this sacred ritual for the very first time. Includes a poster and paper dolls to enact performing ‘Umrah! ”

This book is really great for young children , as it shows a personal experience of performing “Umrah from a young child’s perspective “. The text is simple and not overwhelming, so perfect for your child to understand what is involved when one performs Umrah. The rhymes are really very catchy and well thought. Although the book is not about Hajj, it can be used to discuss with your children how Umrah is different from Hajj etc. It also includes a poster on how to perform Umrah together with some paper dolls, which your children can dress in ihram. It is a lovely hands on activity. Last but not least, the illustrations are really good and captivating, which makes it easier for the reader to visualise the various rights of the pilgrimage. All in all, a fantastic book for young children. It can be bought from Kube Publishing –

 Eid- ul -Adha Books

9)The Perfect Gift

Author- J.Samia Mair
Illustrations- Craigh Howarth
Publisher- The Islamic Foundation
Age Ranger -5 and above

” Sarah is upset because she cannot find an Eid Gift for her mother. She decides to take a walk along her secret path in the woods,which always makes her feel better. There , she not only finds the perfect gift but also learns to appreciate nature and what it means to live in submission to Allah.”

This book does not give information on what Eid Ul Adha is, but it has such a lovely heartwarming sweet story of a little girl trying to find a perfect gift for her mum. It gives the lovely message that material things do not always make the best presents. The illustrations are really very bold and beautiful too.  It is a wonderfully written book, that kids of all ages would enjoy. It can be bought from Kube Publishing –

10) Peg and Cat: The Eid al Adha Adventure

Authors- Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson
Publisher-Candlewick Press
Age Range 3-7

” Peg + Cat is the Emmy Award-winning animated TV series created by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson and produced by The Fred Rogers Company. It has been honored with four Parents’ Choice Gold Awards for Television from 2014-2017. It’s Eid al-Adha, a very special holiday for Yasmina and Amir, who invite their friends Peg and Cat to check it out. After they all rock out with some singing, it’s time to head to the celebration, where there’s so much food waiting! Amir explains that an important part of celebrating Eid al-Adha is dividing the meat into three equal parts, one third to be shared with someone who has less. But with all three bowls of meatballs holding different amounts, they’ve got a BIG PROBLEM! Thanks to a balancing scale, a trip to a soup kitchen, and an unexpected visit to a housebound neighbour, Peg and Cat learn all about the concept of taking from where there’s more and giving to where there’s less. Even Cat discovers how awesome giving can be. Eid Mubarak! “

We have never watched the Peg and Cat series , but I honestly have to say you do not need to worry about this, in case you think only children would need to have watched the show , in order to understand the story.. The book is simple, and only covers the basics of Eid Al-Adha , without too much information about Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. The book is aimed for children aged 3 and upwards but I do feel tat three years would find some of the maths language used throughout the book a complex, in my opinion. Again, it really depends on your child’s level of understanding.  In my opinion, it is geared more for children aged 5 and above. I absolutely loved the various aspects of maths used throughout the book- from fractions ( in terms of how the Qurbani meat is shared) to  the concept of giving charity to those with LESS . I also really like the fact that the page numbers are maths problems ( 3+1=4 etc ). That’s all the 31 pages ! The illustrations are really brilliant and vibrant. This book would be absolutely fantastic for non Muslims , especially for public schools and libraries. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us and we are looking forward to reading it again this Eid. The book can be bought from –

11) The Most Pleasant Festival of Sacrifice : Little Batul’s Eid Celebration

Author- Munise Ulker
Iluustrator- Beyza Soylu
Publisher- The Light Ink
Age Range-4-8

“That year Eid ul-Adha, Christmas and Hanukkah were around the same time. Little Batula’s parents were worried about their children learning their own values and having a good Eid celebration in the US. So, neighbourhood mothers decided to get together to plan a nice Eid ul-Adha celebration for their children and the kids of the needy families in the neighbourhood. They also decide to ask kids living at an orphanage to come to the Eid celebrations. Kids bought or made presents to give to their friends at school and children in need in the community. ”

The book has a really lovely and heartwarming story of American Turkish parents , wanting to create beautiful and meaningful memories for their children. Although they have given the age range for the book as 4-8, I do feel this book is better for older children 8 and above. It is fairly long and too detailed and I think young children may lose interest fairly quickly, even as a read aloud. My 9 year old read it on her own and really enjoyed it. But In my opinion, it is definitely for older children. I do feel the authors could have perhaps omitted some information, instead of making the book that long, but as I said it really depends on your child. The illustrations are really quirky and lovely too and at the end there are three ” Notes” pages for your child to write some reflections on the book or their own experience of Eid ul Adha. The book can be bought from Amazon-

12) The Best Eid Ever


Age -Range 2-5

Author- Asma Mobin-Uddin

Illustrator- Laura Jacobsen

“Young readers can learn about Eid, a religious holiday celebrated by Muslim families every year, as well as the Hajj pilgrimage, when Muslims travel back to Mecca for the Eid, in this picture book about Muslim culture and traditions written by Dr. Asma Mobin-Uddin and illustrated by Laura Jacobsen. This Eid, Aneesa should be happy. But, her parents are thousands of miles away for the Hajj pilgrimage. To cheer her up, her Nonni gives her a gift of beautiful clothes, one outfit for each of the three days of Eid. At the prayer hall, Aneesa meets two sisters who are dressed in ill-fitting clothes for the holiday. She soon discovers that the girls are refugees – they had to leave everything behind when they left their native country to live in America. Aneesa, who can’t stop thinking about what Eid must be like for them, comes up with a plan – a plan to help make it the best Eid holiday ever. School Library Journalsays: “[A] beautifully composed story. . . . This is a welcome contribution, giving much-needed visibility to a celebration observed by over ten million people in North America.” And Library Media Connection says: “After reading this book, children will have a greater appreciation for the Muslim culture and will have no problem realising that love is an action word.”

This is not the first book, which we have by Dr Asma Uddin. A few months ago, I bought  ” A party In Ramadan ” to include in my eldest Ramadan’s basket and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. And by oure coincidence , I found that she has also written a book on Eid al Adha, called ” The Best Eid Ever.” I am not entirely sure why they have given the age range as 2-5. In my opinion , this one is definitely , same like Ramadan book, geared for children aged 6 and above. This book absolutely fantastic not just for Muslims but for non Muslims too.  It explains this major Islamic holiday in simple words, so anyone who is non Muslim would be able to understand what Eid means. But what I love about this book , is that it touches on the sensitive issue of refugees and their struggles  to adjust to a different country.  It has the beautiful message that ” sharing is caring ” and the importance of giving to those in need. Overall, this is a really touching story . The illustrations are beautiful and colourful and at the end of the book, Dr Uddin has also included detailed note on the Hajj pilgrimage and Eid al-Adha. The book can be bought from Amazon-


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