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Homeschool Advice Part 1

” The beauty of home education is that it gives a family more time together–time to solidify relationships, to communicate values, and to focus on each child’s individual needs in a consistent and unhurried atmosphere. ~ Kimberly Hahn & Mary Hasson

The First Part of the Homeschool Chat series is over . It has been an absolute honour and pleasure to read the interviews of all the 16  inspirational home educators, who took the time and effort to be part of these series. The interviews have been an incredible eye- opener for me and needless to say beneficial in every single way .  For those that do not home educate,  I hope these series were able to give you a little  glimpse into this magnificent home education world and what it  looks like and how diverse  and unique it is for each family.  And for anyone who home educates, I pray you found them beneficial too and that they have given you a bit of hope and determination , because you simply know that you are not ALONE and not the ODD one out. Or perhaps , you feel relieved knowing that there is someone out there too who may be facing similar challenges like  yourself , but despite that they still find joy in choosing this path, the one which goes against what society views as normal.

I have decided to do a little compilation of all the 16 answers from these lovely  home school parents to the question : ” What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start home educating their child/children?” And if you know anyone , who is about to embark on their first year of home schooling and can do with a bit of re assurance and support , why not forward the link to them. I am sure they will be grateful to you !

Shazia Hussein (  mum of three, residing in the UK) – “I would say just pluck up the courage and do it. Don’t let negativity from family and friends override your feelings. You know your children best and you are the only one who will ever want them to succeed in deen and duniya more than any other teacher. The primary years are the time children are moulded and build the greatest bonds so make that sacrifice (and normally it is financial but no price can be put on this journey together) and give them your time. You really will make some of the most amazing memories together in this time. ”

Hafa Kilincci (mommy to five children,  originally from Bosnia)- “You can do it. Do not be scared. You are giving your kids a brighter future and teaching them what schools can never do. Take one day at the time and don’t get frustrated. And on days when you feel you failed them, trust me, you’re doing a fabulous job.”

Sarah Javed ( an author and homeschooling mother of three children, residing in the UK)-  ” I think, it is important to appreciate that home education isn’t for everyone. It is downright time consuming, difficult, demanding, unglamorous and expensive! Unfortunately, many families also don’t have a choice because both parents have to work full time. Parenthood is tough and whatever your path is, ultimately we are all just doing the best we can at any given time.

My humble advice to anyone contemplating, starting or new to the homeschool journey would be, patience and being very clear on your objectives. Why do you want to homeschool? What are you hoping to achieve? What are the most important things/qualities to you? Being clear on your objectives will offer you direction and control, as well as offer you much comfort and clarity during those difficult days inshaAllah.
Home education is subjective and what works for some will not necessarily work for all, it is a working progress so be patient and allow yourself time to trial and error methods to find what works for you inshaAllah.
For some of us it is a big transition to have our child/children home with us all day, everyday, therefore, time and patience allows you to gain experience, which in turn increases your confidence as a home educating parent.
Additionally, know that making the decision to home school and starting the journey is the hardest and scariest decision to make, the complete responsibility for your children’s education is heavy! Nevertheless, once you have made the commitment, with each week, each term, each year, you will gain confidence in your abilities and your system and with that, the freedom to take the education of your children in whatever direction you please! “


Endless learning @endelsslearning  ( a homeschooling mama of one –

” Find out what type of learner your child is, this always makes things easier when you start your home schooling journey with them. Take it easy; don’t rush into it straight away especially if you have removed your child from the school system. Allow it to become a natural part of your life and remember home school is not school at home it’s far from it. And do what works for YOU, what works for one family may not always work for YOU and that’s okay. Every family has different needs and you do what fulfils the needs of your family. Don’t be afraid to ask for help too! And remember there is endless learning done anywhere and everywhere, enjoy it! “

Hena Butt @ourhomeschoolheaven  ( UK homeschooling mama of three girls )

” These early years go by in the blink of an eye – take the plunge and soak up these wonderful years with your children. Don’t overthink it to start with- you just need a few resources and the world at your feet- explore, live each day with your kids because living is learning. Lastly, it can be hard and it is a commitment, but as a parent don’t underestimate yourself – if you think you can’t do it- you definitely can! ”

Sarah from  A bit of pink.  ( a British Muslim mama of 3 wild girls ) – “I would say that knowledge is power. Read and read and educate yourself so that you feel confident in your decision and you have the strength to stand by it when things are tough. Write a mission statement at the start of your journey about why you want to do this, what you hope you will achieve, goals and aspirations etc and re-evaluate it annually. This will remind you why you started when you feel like giving up. The most important thing of all is to find a support network and USE them….. don’t be shy to reach out, you need to be surrounded by like minded people who ‘get it’ whether that’s on or offline. If you have a connection with someone and a shared vibe….make them your tribe. They will be your people, your life line when you need that additional support and they will also share in the joy, inspire you and most importantly, be part of your memory making.”

Sushmita Chatterjee – @widberriesandfables  is an expat mother, raising multicultural children by the seaside  – “Just do it and read to them. Read to them a LOT. You do not have to know everything. You can learn together. Most of all, you get to be together, nurture your relationship and see it grow. You will never look back and think that the time you had together was not worth it. It is so worth it!!

Shoohada Khanom @shoohadakhanom , a UK homeschool mama of 6, writer and children’s author – “Take your time and do your research. It’s not something that should be rushed and done on impulse. Weigh out your pros and cons, see how it all looks like. If you’re in the UK, phone your council and have a chat with you home Education officer. See if there’s an expectation on you. Add that on top of what you want to teach and see how that looks.I knew I wanted to cover the national curriculum, so I opted for online learning until I found a comprehensive curriculum we could use. Shortly after we started using Galore Park textbooks and have been using them since. We use a couple of online programs, reading eggs and Matheletics to help us along. We read LOADS, lots of books. Our home library is forever growing. We also use Studio Arabia for Qur’an and Safar Academy books for Islamic studies. That’s pretty much us! “

Kafayat  Animasha , @natural_muslim_mummy, a homeschooling mama of three  – “For those who are choosing to home educate their children from the start, just spend quality time with your children, let them play,  follow their interests, spend lots of time outdoors and create memories. Give yourself grace  and make  time for yourself even if its  going to a cafe, getting a pedicure,  going  to a sisters night out, exercising, book clubbing, anything. Invest in yourself so you can give to your children. “

Sophie Aguirre, @ourjourneyathome , a homeschool mama of three, residing in the UK – ” Block out the noise! Don’t listen or watch what everyone else is doing but just follow your own instinct. Do what is best for your family and children. No one knows your family as you do so be confident about your decisions. Feel empowered by the thought that you have such a big influence on your families life and learning journey. A happy and inspired mum will influence her home to be happy and inspired.  “

Sumera Luckman,@unschooling.3cubs,  an unschooling mama of 3 – “DO IT! DO IT! Nothing is easy to begin with especially when it seems out of the norm to want to spend time with and teach your own child but it is the best thing you can do, for both yourself and them. I find so much more freedom and pleasure living the way we choose to. ”

Adele Jarrett-Kerr , @adelejk – a homeschooling mama of three,  a blogger , writer and breastfeeding counsellor who grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and now lives in beautiful Cornwall :

“Get to know other home educators and courageously reach out and build a community for yourself and your family. Talk to more experienced families about how it works socially, psychologically, practically and financially. Don’t worry about your approach looking like anyone else’s and don’t feel that you need to own anything specific to be able to do this. Read lots about it – cast aside anything that doesn’t feel like right for your family or ask yourself why you feel challenged by it. Listen to podcasts or audio books or TED talks if any of those are a better fit for your life right now. And take your time. You can even take it year by year. You don’t have to make a forever decision right now. You don’t even have to jump into a specific way of doing things. “

Katy from @rhythmsandrivers, an American homeschooling mama of two boys :

“You CAN do this!
There are many methods to choose from, but you will find what works best for you and your children.
You don’t have to be a purist in the method you choose.
Make sure you take time to pour into yourself. One cannot pour from an empty cup.
You are not failing. I repeat, you are not failing even if it feels like you are.
If you are someone that feels like you are failing, just keep giving your best. You are enough. Your best is enough. “

Mariya Khan, @ifallahwillspicturebook , a homeschooling mama of 4 , residing in the U.K. Mariya , illustrator of the popular Islamic picture book, ‘If Allah Wills’ :

” Give yourself 2 years to decide whether its right for you or not. When you start, whether you’ve deregistered a school-going child or are continuing on from toddlerhood, do not rush into over-scheduled, workbook-filled days. Focus on building your connection and bonds with each other. Follow your childs lead in what topics they like, sit together, read and talk. Get out and about in nature and in the world, and slowly and naturally learn. Don’t set yourself any academic expectations or targets, start by enjoying being with your child. Educate yourself on gentle parenting techniques and simple child psychology. 

 Always keep it relaxed and fun. Then start to understand how a child learns and identify the skills and knowledge you would like them to acquire. Keep it simple and know that there is no right or wrong way. Know that when you choose to home-educate your child, you’re signing up to educate and develop yourself too – work on your own struggles whether they’re academic or mental, allow yourself to grow and bloom alongside your child.And lastly, believe in yourself – you got this mama ! “

Happy Muslim Homeschool,  @happymuslimhomeschool , a Muslim homeschooling mama :

 ” I would say pray istikhara and go for it.  Don’t wait for the perfect space or routine, it will come with time.  Start slow and steady with a couple of subjects, and then build upon them once you’ve found your feet a little.  

Home educating is a blessing from Allah and one to be cherished; it’s truly a beautiful journey where the whole family thrive, so enjoy it while it lasts.”


Noor Sayyed, @simplifyhomeschool , an American homeschool mama of two boys :

” 1. Invest in yourself. Learn, read books,  attend conferences, take classes. Equip yourself with knowledge. These things will empower you.  

2. Observe your children and your self and work to adapt homeschooling to serve you and your children and your family culture. “

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I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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