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Learning Spanish can be fun – WordUnited ” Write and Wipe ” Flashcards Kits Review

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
Nelson Mandela

I come from a country that places a lot of emphasis on learning a foreign language. When I was 8 years old , my parents enrolled me in an English class for two hours once a week and two years later I started learning German too. I have always loved being able to speak other languages. When I was in University, I decided for the duration of my three years there, to take Spanish as one of my modules, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It truly is a blessing knowing another language and you never know when it will become useful. As Frank Smith says “Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club – the community of speakers of that language.”

Now as I mother myself, I place a lot of emphasis on my children being able to speak another foreign language. I decided to go with Spanish, as it is the second most common language with an estimated 442 million speakers and as it is a phonetic language ,it is also relatively easy to learn. My children have been having private Spanish lessons for nearly two years , once a week with a native Spanish tutor which have been extremely beneficial.

I am also always on the lookout for products that will help my children with improving their Spanish Skills. I was recently asked by WordUnited to review some of their ‘Learning Spanish for kids resources .

They offer great quality children’s educational toys, books and learning resources. From alphabet toys to number toys, “we believe that learning can be a fun experience and provide a vast collection of kids learning toys, including nursery resources and primary resources, to support this, with a selection of resource categories that promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. We unite learning with playing and stock a large variety resources to cater for every need. We aim to inspire educational play by providing a wide range of kids’ learning toys to choose from for children up to 11 years of age. “

I first heard about Wordunited three years ago and I decided to buy their  Actions in Spanish ” Write and Wipe” Flashcards Kit, as it was the first time I have seen a product like this. I was also very impressed with the whole design and the quality of the cards.

I found the Spanish Flashcards really beneficial and more importantly my children really enjoyed them, so I was more than happy to review the other two sets in the series, that were gifted to me- – Numbers in Spanish, and  Colours and Shapes in Spanish  .There are 4 sets in total in these series: The Spanish AlphabetNumbers in SpanishColours and Shapes in Spanish and Actions in Spanish.  Each Kit comes complete with 2 pens (red and blue) with removable erasers an instruction booklet, multilingual translation and sound stickers, and smiley stickers to reward your children.

The  Numbers in Spanish “Write and Wipe ” Kit contains the flashcards with numbers from 0 to 20 and then 10x to 100 . Your child will be able to write/trace not only the numerals but also the words , which is really important too.They are great as they promote not only writing but also reading . I liked that the text on the flashcards was clear with minimal distractions, which is very vital as it truly helps the child to focus. One side of the card is for the writing and on the other side , there is an engaging real life photo. I love the fact they have included little arrows on each flashcard that show how to write the strokes in the correct order.

The cards are very sturdy and a great size too with lots of space to write . My children thoroughly enjoy writing on these Flashcards and they often do them independently too. The cards are also brilliant for visual learners and are for children aged 3 and above . They can also be used by teachers in their classrooms as they do support the National Curriculum. Even if you yourself, do not know the pronunciation of a particular word, WordUnited have clearly thought about this too and have also included a link on their website , where you can listen to the sounds of the words in this kit. What I absolutely love about these cards, is the fact that they come in a very sturdy box and your child can do them while in the car or while waiting for an activity. My 6 year old has used them a few times outside while waiting for her siblings to finish their swimming class.

The Colours and Shapes in Spanish is another great “Write and Wipe” Kit. This fantastic kit will help your child to recognise a wide range of colours in Spanish including gold and silver. They will also be able to trace and draw 2D shapes and recognise 3D shapes in Spanish. My 6 year old really enjoyed doing these and she has learned a few other shapes which she did not know before.

I also asked my children’s Spanish tutor about her opinion on the Spanish “Write and Wipe” Flashcards Kit Sets. Ms Noelia Sanchez Blanco says enthusiastically : ” Wow, I love the design of these cards! I like that they come in a box, which is very sturdy and I love the size of the cards- there is so much space to write. This is the first time I have seen cards like these. ” When asked , if this is a product that she will use in her lessons, she gave a resounding ” YES !”

The ‘Spanish Flashcards‘Kits come in a very sturdy and durable box and at the moment they are sold for £6.99 , instead of £9.99, which is a fantastic price.Alternatively, you can buy all 4 Kits for £20.00- The Word United flashcards are available also in English, Arabic, French and German; teaching the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and actions in each of these languages.

There is also a fantastic and varied selection of Spanish resources on their website , ranging from books, dictionaries , toys and games, that will make Learning Spanish for kids fun. In addition there are lots of worksheets for children to practice reading and writing in Spanish. You can download and print worksheets in Spanish for free here. Do have a look at their Free Resources Hub , where you can also find free resources for English, Maths , languages including German, Arabic and French, geography, science and history , arts and crafts and many resources for children with special needs.

Learning a language can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating experience. However, Wordunited have truly created enjoyable and at the same educational products that will make learning a foreign language a breeze !


Published by ivushka1985

I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

17 thoughts on “Learning Spanish can be fun – WordUnited ” Write and Wipe ” Flashcards Kits Review

  1. This was a very informative post on making Spanish language learning fun. My daughter currently learns Spanish at her school and is a native English speaker. These tools would be great to use to teach our daughter Arabic. I love that it builds vocabulary while also incorporating handwriting.

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  2. This looks great. I’m definitely going to look into it when my daughter gets older as we are trying to teach her another language.


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