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Arabic “Write and Wipe” Flaschcard Kits from WordUnited- Review

One of the foreign languages that we as a family have been learning for a few years is Arabic, due to its connections to our faith. I have personally found Arabic quite difficult to learn in comparison to English, German and Spanish. I used to take Arabic lessons on my own with a private tuitor but as more children were added to our family, sadly I had to stop them. However, in the last 2 years I am slowly trying to go back into Arabic and I have been doing this alongside my eldest three children.

I am also always on the lookout for Arabic resources, books and various products that will help my children learn to read / speak and write this beautiful language. Without exaggeration, I spend most of our homeschool budget on Arabic resources, double more than what I spend on English or Maths. My eldest two (10.5 and 9 ) have been going for three years to a local Saturday Arabic school and in addition they have been having private one to one Arabic tuition with a lovely Syrian tuitor.

I also try to support my children as much as I can at home too and as we home educate, we do have a bit more time in general to dedicate to the language.

I was recently asked by WordUnited to review their Arabic “Write and Wipe” Flachcards. We have already used ( and still using) their Spanish Flashcards , which have been a great addition to our homeschool . You can read my review on them here- Learning Spanish can be fun .

There are 4 sets in total in these series:  Numbers in ArabicColours & Shapes in Arabic ,  Actions in Arabic  and the Arabic Alphabet flashcard kits. Each Kit comes complete with 2 pens (red and blue) with removable erasers an instruction booklet, multilingual translation and sound stickers, and smiley stickers to reward your children. I was kindly sent the first three kits, except the Alphabet one.

The  Numbers in Arabic “Write and Wipe ” Kit contains the flashcards with numbers from 0 to 20 and then 10x to 100 . Your child will be able to write/trace not only the numerals but also the words , which is really important too.They are great as they promote not only writing but also reading in Arabic too . I liked that the text on the flashcards was clear with minimal distractions, which is very vital as it truly helps the child to focus. One side of the card is for the writing and on the other side , there is an engaging real life photo. Each flashcard contains arrows that show how to write the strokes in the correct order. My 6 year old daughter is learning numbers at her Saturday Arabic School and these cards have truly helped her in being able to count in Arabic. I have also found this set useful for myself too .

The Colours and Shapes in Arabic is another great “Write and Wipe” Kit. This fantastic kit will help your child to recognise a wide range of colours in Arabic including gold and silver. My 6 year old is learning colours this year as well and she has really enjoyed writing and tracing on the flashcards.

The Actions in Arabic is also a fantastic ” Write and Wipe” kit. It contains 29 of the most oft used action words in Arabic such as to drink. read, listen, sleep and many more. This has been used by my 10 year old daughter , who is studying past tense in Arabic this year and these flashcards have truly been a great aid.

What I abolsutely love about these cards is that they are truly well made- very sturdy and a great size too with lots of space to write . My children thoroughly enjoy writing on these Flashcards and they often do them independently too. The cards are also brilliant for visual learners and are for children aged 3 and above . They can also be used by teachers in their classrooms as they do support the National Curriculum. Even if you yourself, do not know the pronunciation of a particular word, WordUnited have clearly thought about this too and have also included a link on their website , where you can listen to the sounds of the words in this kit. What I absolutely love about these cards, is the fact that they come in a very sturdy box and your child can do them while being in the car too.

The Arabic Flashcards Kits come in a very sturdy and durable box and at the moment they are sold for £6.99 , instead of £9.99, which is a fantastic price.Alternatively, you can buy all 4 Kits for £20.00 The Word United flashcards are available also in English, Spanish French and German; teaching the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and actions in each of these languages.

There is also an incredibly varied selection of Arabic resources on their website , ranging from books ( including their Let’s Read Arabic series ), bilingual dictionaries , puzzles and games, that will make Arabic learning for kids fun and enjoyable. WordUnited also has a great selection of worksheets that you can download and print free of charge here. Do have a look at their fantastic and huge Free Resources Hub , where you can also find free resources for English, Maths , languages including German, Spanish and French, geography, science and history , arts and crafts and many resources for children with special needs.

Overall my children thoroughly enjoyed using the Arabic “Write and Wipe”Flascards and they have truly been a great addition to our Homeschool.

This blog post has been written in collaboration with WordUnited, who gifted me their write-and-wipe flashcards and compensated me for my time.


Published by ivushka1985

I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

6 thoughts on “Arabic “Write and Wipe” Flaschcard Kits from WordUnited- Review

  1. OooOo these flashcards appear to be very helpful and interactive. I bet your kids are enjoying learning Arabic. I myself am trying to learn Arabic amidst my hectic schedule. May Allah allow us all to learn His language fluently. Ameen

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