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Homeschool Chat with Umm Hajar

“The great educator Charlotte Mason says that when we put children in direct contact with great ideas and get out of the way, “Teachers shall teach less and scholars shall learn more.” Any homeschooling parent who has observed her own children for any length of time will know this to be true. Real learning happensContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Umm Hajar”

Homeschool chat with Leslie Monroe

“If mothers could learn to do for themselves what they do for their children when these are overdone,we should have happier households. Let the mother go out to play ” Charlotte Mason  Today’s homeschool Chat brings you American homeschool mama of two  Leslie Monroe. Leslie is a mommy engineer, an avid reader and a listContinue reading “Homeschool chat with Leslie Monroe”

Homeschool Chat with Hina Malik

“Don’t take it to heart when your children are bored or tell you they hate homeschooling. It’s a felling, in the moment, shared with you because you are the safe place and the one in charge. Hold space for the feeling. But also hold space for homeschool. Sometimes the expression of frustration will subside,as theyContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Hina Malik”

Homeschool Chat with Brooke Benoit

” What  will matter most to you in the end is the feeling that the people you love consider home and education to be pleasant, peaceful and life-giving. No family or home feels like that all the time in any philosophy. Many philosophies help you get there. Most often, the philosophy is only as goodContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Brooke Benoit”

Homeschool Chat with Silkroad Keepsakes

“Being a home educator means you not only get to educate your children, but you also have new freedom to further educate yourself. Enjoy what you discover with your children. Your enthusiasm for learning drives your homeschool. But just as importantly , relish your new catalyzed interests. ” Julie Bogart Today’s homeschool chat brings you @silkroadkeepsakes,Continue reading “Homeschool Chat with Silkroad Keepsakes”

Homeschool Chat with Habiba Anwar

” It’s not too late to teach writing or fractions or a love for reading. It’s not too late to have big conversations or to show interest in your children’s boring card games.It’s not too late to sketch the trees or recite poetry. It’s not too late to study chemistry or learn calculus or play aContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Habiba Anwar”

Homeschool Chat with Raz and Rej

” The Development of a child’s body, mind and spirit best happens in a secure , loving enivoronment. When their foundational development is properly in place, their education occurs much more readily. They cannot be rushed or hurried, or we shortchange the process.” Durenda Wilson Today’s Homeschool Chat brings you  Reja from @razandrej , whoContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Raz and Rej”

Homeschool Chat with EeZee Homeschool

“As Parents, we need to keep the big picture in mind because when everything is said and done, what matters is that we raise people ,who are givers, and not takers. We want them to find their passions and fulfill the purposes for which they were made ” Durenda Wilson ( The Unhurried Homeschooler )Continue reading “Homeschool Chat with EeZee Homeschool”

Homeschool Advice Part 1

” The beauty of home education is that it gives a family more time together–time to solidify relationships, to communicate values, and to focus on each child’s individual needs in a consistent and unhurried atmosphere. ~ Kimberly Hahn & Mary Hasson The First Part of the Homeschool Chat series is over . It has been anContinue reading “Homeschool Advice Part 1”

Homeschool Chat with Noor Sayyed

“Children are, by nature and from birth, very curious about the world around them, and very energetic, resourceful and competent in exploring it, finding out about it, and master it. In short, much more eager to learn, and much better at learning than most adults. ” ~ John Holt Today’s homeschool chat brings you Noor SayyedContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Noor Sayyed”