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Top 10 Ramadan resources and activity books for children aged 6 and above

Throughout the years , I have used various Islamic and non Islamic  websites , which have free Ramadan and Islamic related resources and which I have found extremely beneficial for my children. The resources which I am sharing below are all related to Ramadan/Eid ul Fitr and they include a wide range from lapbooks, notebooks, Ramadan journals and much more.Some are free and some I have purchased. Here are my top 10 which I will be using this Ramadan 2019  with my children:

1- Iman’s homeschool website ( is absolutely fantastic. I have used her website for over 5 years and you can find so many Islamic resources on her website- lap-books, notebooks, workbooks ,unit studies , all sorts of worksheets and many more.  This year I will be doing the “Eid Around the World ” scrapbook with my children. It is a brilliant way for them to see how other Muslim countries celebrate Eid. Here is the link to the scrapbook-Eid Around the World

2 My Ramadan Journal from I love this sister’s website and have used her free resources  for quite a few years. She has a lot of Ramadan related resources on her website too. I decided this year to purchase Her Ramadan journal for children, which is absolutely brilliant and has so much information on Ramadan- colouring pages and  lots of activities related to the various Surahs in the Quran. It  includes 13 cover designs to choose from so your children  can all have something different- my eldest three all chose different designs. I absolutely love the fact that there are daily Log pages in the journal,  where children can write what they have achieved during that day, their salaah , good deeds and how many Quran pages they have read. There is a “hadith of the day” page  for every day too .  Please note that the journal is in a PDF format  and not a physical product.  However , I really love the fact  that the journal is not colourful and instead the children can colour it , which makes a huge difference to the amount of ink that can be used. Do check to purchase the My Ramadan journal, retailed at £5.99

3)The Advantures of Malik and Ameeerah ( Hadith activity and colouring book ) from Ruqaya’s bookshelf.   This is a really beautiful Islamic kids activity book for children aged 5/6 and above .”Malik and Ameerah are learning some of the manners and good deeds taught to us by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)! Join them on their adventures as they learn about kindness to animals, generosity with guests and neighbours, giving gifts, cleanliness, gratitude, and much more! ” It has lots of colouring pages, mazes, drawing and writing exercises,  crosswords, word search- a really nice variety of activities to do with your children. It can be purchased from Anafiya Gifts-The Adventures of Malik and Ameerah

4)Twinkl has a huge resources on Ramadan as well. You do, however, have to have a membership in order to access them. They have various subscriptions for you to choose from and if you join their Facebook page, you will be able to see when they offer their home schooling discount. It usually happens every  4 months. I really thoroughly recommend subscribing to Twinkl- it covers early years to KS3.  I was really also pleasantly surprised to find out that they have such huge selection of resources- word search , colouring pages, lots of power point presentation on what Ramadan is and the various aspects of our religion and many comprehension sheets too. They are done mainly for non- Muslims  but extremely useful as well if you want to see how much your children know about their religion.

5)”Welcome Ramadan” colouring activity  book from This is a fantastic resource. We did one last year and the year before and my eldest two really enjoyed doing them. It includes worksheets covering basic:

  • Colouring / writing pages
  • why Allah created us
  • brief reminder of the 5 pillars
  • Islamic months
  • How do we fast?
  • Sahur
  • what to do if we forget we are fasting
  • What ruins our fast
  • behaving well
  • iftar
  • dua’a at the time of breaking fast
  • Qiyam ul layl
  • Laylat ul-Qadr
  • Ei’d ul Fitr
  • note book page to write what has been learnt

You can either make it as a booklet or just do worksheets each day with your child.This time , Umm Khadeeja has also made  one for pre-school children  and I intend to use that with my five year old as it involves less writing. Alhamdullilah both of them are free PDFs on her website . Here is the link- Welcome Ramadan colouring activity book

6)Ramadhaan Activity Pack from Umm Maimoonah , illustrated by Smart Ark- This pack is absolutely fantastic and it is very well thought with lots of various activities that your children can do. It is a free printable and it is recommended for children aged 5-8 years. Last year my eldest two did the entire pack and they had fun doing it. This year I have printed another on for my 5 year old. She will probably do a bit less of the writing activities but there are still many more things that she will be able to participate in. There are lots of writing exercises, many colouring pages, a Ramadan tracker, a good deeds tree, phases of the moon worksheets, template to make your own box and many more activities. Here is the link to the PDF file should you wish to download it-Ramadhaan Activity Pack . Do check our her amazing website which has  a huge selection of Islamic resources. Umm Maimoonah is also running at the moment various online workshops and courses for girls aged 10 and above. For more information and how to sign up check out her website –


7) Your Surahs Made Easy ( Let’s understand the Quran ) Part 1 and Part 2 – We have both of these book and have been using it a lot through out  the years. I was looking for something , which would make it easy  for my children to understand some of the most oft recited Surahs in the Quran.  Part 1 Covers Surah Al Fatiha and the last ten surahs of the Quran.  We bought ours from Anafiya Gifts and I also reeally recommend these for adults too  , especially reverts and not just children. ” Your Surahs Made Easy looks at the last 10 surahs of the Quran plus Surah Al Fatihah. We say a lot of these surahs every day but do we know the meaning? Imagine understanding the stories behind the surahs and knowing what we are saying when we are praying! There are 3 parts to each surah – First page with arabic & simple translation. Second with the story behind the surah & lessons for us and third has questions to consolidate learning. Colourful and engaging, aimed at 9 years up until adults. ”  Even though they are recommended for children aged 9 and above, I would say that a 7 year old would also be able to understand the book and do the written  comprehension sheet at the end of each Surah. Here is the link, should you wish to purchase them-Your Surahs made Easy


8)My 30 Days Of Ramadan by Salmaz Parveen-  this truly is such a fun and educational activity book to do with your children. It has over 100 pages with various activities such as word searches, puzzles, cross words and lots of useful information on various aspects of our Deen . There are many colouring pages too and it will definitely keep your children occupied through out the month of Ramadan.

“This creative new activity book – takes children on a journey through Ramadan, engaging them each day in fun activities while introducing and reinforcing basic concepts of Islam. This workbook uses colouring pages, word searches, word scrambles, matching, and crosswords to challenge and entertain kids.
 The activities are perfect for elementary aged children.

100% of net profits from this book’s sales go to organisations that work to improve living conditions and education for children. You can see where current proceeds are going by visiting “. You can buy the book from Amazon –My 30 days of Ramadan

9) Ramadan copywork worksheets  by Tj Ramadan- these packs are fantastic for your children to do some Ramadan inspired copywork.  The sheets contain Ayaat and Ahadith pertaining to Ramadan and Fasting . Your child can do one sheet a day. Link to the free printable can be found here- Ramadan Copywork

10) Cursive Handwriting Worksheets- I recently found a few handwriting worksheets to practise handwriting , more for my eldest daughter who is a fan of cursive handwriting.

The first one is from Rahma Muslim Homeschool and it contains 4 handwriting worksheets-Cursive Handwriting worksheets. Her website contains many free worksheets  and lots of free resources.

The second one is from Happy Muslim Homeschool . Her website is full of free printables and lots of Islamic resources too. Here is the link to the 6 cursive handwriting worksheets –Cursive Handwriting.

I hope  you find this compilation of Ramadan related resources and activity books useful. It is really lovely to see that there are so many sisters , who have dedicated a lot of hard work and time to produce such good quality resources , that will benefit our children and make their Deen stronger.


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I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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