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My Top 10 Books for Children Aged 9-12 (2020)

And just like that 2020 is coming to an end ! With so many lockdowns here in the UK and many of our homeschooling activities being cancelled , one positive thing that has come out of it, is my older children ( 11 and nearly 10) spending even more time reading books. In this BlogContinue reading “My Top 10 Books for Children Aged 9-12 (2020)”

Don’t work harder than your kids

Early in my homeschooling journey , I remember being obsessed with trying to find entertaining and beautiful unit studies , cutting out countless lap book pieces and printing off lots of “activities . What used to happened most of the time was – my kids at that time 6 and 4 rushing through all myContinue reading “Don’t work harder than your kids”

7 Tips On How To Spend More Time Outdoors

It’s the time of the year , when it’s getting more and more difficult to go outside and explore nature with our children . Gone is the sunshine and for those who live in the U.K- it certainly means more and more rain. Sometimes, it can be really hard to get that motivation and pushContinue reading “7 Tips On How To Spend More Time Outdoors”

Homeschooling-the Magnificent waste of time

I have been on a reflective mode recently , so I thought I will share this beautiful quote from ” A Gracious Space ” by Julie Bogart:  “To feel groovy , you have to let yourself move slowly , savour , find a rhythm and stick to it , meander. Home education is a tripContinue reading “Homeschooling-the Magnificent waste of time”

On Staying responsive

If there is one advice that I will give anyone who home educates is this – never allow a system for education to replace love for individuals . The longer you home educate , the more you realise how true this is . Last night, I was re reading a chapter from “ A graciousContinue reading “On Staying responsive”

10 Homeschooling Tips for Beginners

A few weeks ago, I read a brilliant homeschooling related book, called ” Homeschoolers are not hermits ( A practical guide on raising smart, confident and socially connected Kids ) ” by Kathy Oaks. I will be writing a separate review of the book on another blog post. But I wanted to share with youContinue reading “10 Homeschooling Tips for Beginners”

In the Early Hours ( Reflections on spiritual and self development) by Khurram Murad – Book Review

November was a great month for me in terms of reading books. Unlike, the first Lockdown , when I barely managed to read even one ( even though I had high expectations), this time around was different and I managed to read quite a few inspirational books. If you are in need of something spirituallyContinue reading “In the Early Hours ( Reflections on spiritual and self development) by Khurram Murad – Book Review”

5 Tips on Self Care during Lockdown

We have all heard of this often quoted rhetorical question “ How can you take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself ?”. But how many of us do it – I will definitely put my hands up and admit that I truly struggle with finding time to do things forContinue reading “5 Tips on Self Care during Lockdown”

“Thank you” note to all the homeschoolers and all the parents

Lockdown2 , here in the U.K , is coming to an end tomorrow 2nd December 2020 , although sadly my city is placed in the highest Tier3 for another 2 weeks. So we are not allowed to mix with other people indoors or outside, in our gardens etc.. Last month, has been challenging for meContinue reading ““Thank you” note to all the homeschoolers and all the parents”