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“The Six Cards – How to Teach Your Child Qur’an ” by Amina Mohamed (book review)




“There is no job more important than parenting “

I was recently sent ” The Six Cards – How to teach your child Qur’an ” by Amina Mohamed and although I reviewed this book on my own Instagram account, I find it is  always better to write a blog post , as it can be much more detailed.

The book is written by  fellow homeschooling mother of 4, Amina Mohamed. She holds a degree in Digital Media and a Masters in education.  Here is Amina’s story and why she wrote this book :  “For many years I have worked teaching children both in religious and secular establishments. For quite some time I also spent many hours teaching privately in homes. What I found is that the whole concept of learning takes a lot of energy in order to attain the knowledge or skills presented. This is more difficult when it comes to language. However, our mosques and teachers would teach the basic Arabic language to our youngsters in a very monotone, style. It was no wonder children would despise the whole Arabic learning experience and would always say it was difficult and boring. This is how The Six Cards; How to teach your child Quran came about.  ”

The ultimate aim of the book is to help parents have the necessary tools in order to equip their children with how to read the Quran. As Amina writes : ” This is what is meant by laying the foundations. The foundations that every child needs is Islam , and Islam begins with Quran. ” I could not agree more with these words.

I honestly wish I had this book, when my eldest was starting her Qur’an journey when she was 6. It would have saved us a lot of time and also money on resources and products , which we never ended up using. I really love that the book is simple , short and easy to use and Amina is very clear and precise with what you have to do as  a parent.


She covers so many aspects  that are part of everyone’s Quran Journey- starting with The importance of tarbiyyah,  reasons for teaching Quran and why it should be taught before any other studies. I also thoroughly enjoyed her chapter on how children learn and learning through play.

For anyone, who also uses tutors for teaching your children Qur’an, Amena  also gives lots of tips on what qualities to look for in a tutor.I also absolutely loved her chapter “Elements required for success to occur”, placing a big emphasis on Du’a, which for sure is our most powerful tool. As Amena writes ” Pour your heart to Allah. Ask Him for whatever you desire for your children-whether it may be success, good manners, etiquette and achievement. Whatever it may be, ask Allah. Do not hold back as nothing is too small or too big for ALLAH to not give you. ”


Amina has also included a short educational plan looking at the various stages of a child’s development (0-2;3-6 and 6 and above ) and what your child can learn at the particular stage.

The book also comes with the six cards , which is all you will need to begin the next step after learning the Arabic alphabet.  ” Each card has a designated vowel ( Fatha, Kasra , Damma and the Tanween ). Amena gives detailed explanation on how to use the cards and also what Qa’idah book to purchase once you finish the cards with your child. I really loved her tips on what Qa’idah to use too.  There are so many Qa’idahs available these days and it can be really hard to choose ( needless to say  overwhelming too ) which one to purchase.



Overall,  the book is full of practical advice and lots of helpful tips. It is simple, concise and clear and it will truly give you a stepping stone into how to start your child’s Qur’an journey.  I also really loved the inspirational quotes used throughout the book too.  “The Six Cards- How to Teach Your Child Qur’an can be bought from


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