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” A Thousand Questions” By Saadia Faruqi- book recommendation

First thing , first, I haven’t read ” A Thousand Questions” by Saadia Faruqi, although I did skim through some of the pages. However , my 11 year old daughter was absolutely engrossed in the book from start to finish and even came to me to say , that she absolutely loved reading it andContinue reading “” A Thousand Questions” By Saadia Faruqi- book recommendation”

Will my homeschooled children succeed in life?

“The most effective and least destructive way to help a child .. is to do everything possible to help her fall in love with what she is doing , to pay less attention to how successful she was ( or likely to be ) and show more interest in the task … Encourage more ,Continue reading “Will my homeschooled children succeed in life?”

Muslimah Bloggers Award nominations

For those who follow me on Instagram , you may have read my delight on finding out that I was nominated in 4 categories for the annual Muslimah Blogger Awards – 1) Best Education Blog 2) Best Parenting Blog 3) Best Instagrammer 4) Overall most inspirational blogger I honestly didn’t expect it and inContinue reading “Muslimah Bloggers Award nominations”

Homeschool chat with Our World Schooling Family

“In the land of human beings , beware those who shame you for your failings , who urge greater fidelity to a system what ails you rather than greater trust in yourself. Beware those who put institutions ahead of persons , and whose idealism tempts you to pretend away your problems and distresses in favourContinue reading “Homeschool chat with Our World Schooling Family”

Homeschool chat with Stephanie Radcliffe

“ The great educator Charlotte Mason says that when we put children in direct contact with great ideas and get out of the way, “Teachers shall teach less and scholars shall learn more.” Any homeschooling parent who has observed her own children for any length of time will know this to be true. Real learningContinue reading “Homeschool chat with Stephanie Radcliffe”

Homeschool chat with Judy Marie

“Don’t confuse the educational vehicle with the academic destination . In other words, it is less important whether you unschool or classically educate . Neither of these is inherently superior to the other . They are vehicles that you get to the end goal on the map- an educated , self- reliant adult. “ JulieContinue reading “Homeschool chat with Judy Marie”

Homeschool chat with Mountain Mother Runner

“Tips, tricks and techniques are not at the heart of education – fire is …… Not merely the facts , not merely the theories but a deep knowing of what it means to kindle the gift of life in ourselves , in others and in the world.” Parker Palmer Today’s homeschool chat brings you EmilyContinue reading “Homeschool chat with Mountain Mother Runner”

Homeschool Chat with Invitations to Play

“Your amazing , special , imaginative, talented , brilliant children are a gift , first and foremost. If you can remember to enjoy them ( more than worry about them) , and keep reflecting back to them how much you value all those little traits that other people don’t see, together you will create aContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Invitations to Play”

Homeschool Chat with Elizabeth Lymer

“Rather than teach, lead . Rather than talk, act. Rather than following the curriculum or opening the book, express what you want your children to know. The secret of a vibrant homeschool is not in a book. It is you. You are the secret weapon. You do not have to be a good teacher. InContinue reading “Homeschool Chat with Elizabeth Lymer”