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” A Thousand Questions” By Saadia Faruqi- book recommendation

First thing , first, I haven’t read ” A Thousand Questions” by Saadia Faruqi, although I did skim through some of the pages. However , my 11 year old daughter was absolutely engrossed in the book from start to finish and even came to me to say , that she absolutely loved reading it and even asked me if the author has written another one. She told me it reminded her a lot of Bangladesh too and that she could see some similarities .So , as I already recommended it on my own Instagram page, I thought I will recommend it on here too. Here is the blurb :

  • Hardcover : 320 pages
  • Publisher : Quill Tree Books (12 Nov. 2020)
  • Reading level : 8 – 12 years
  • Language: : English

Set against the backdrop of Karachi, Pakistan, Saadia Faruqi’s tender and honest middle grade novel tells the story of two girls navigating a summer of change and family upheaval with kind hearts, big dreams, and all the right questions.

Mimi is not thrilled to be spending her summer in Karachi, Pakistan, with grandparents she’s never met. Secretly, she wishes to find her long-absent father, and plans to write to him in her beautiful new journal.

The cook’s daughter, Sakina, still hasn’t told her parents that she’ll be accepted to school only if she can improve her English test score—but then, how could her family possibly afford to lose the money she earns working with her Abba in a rich family’s kitchen?

Although the girls seem totally incompatible at first, as the summer goes on, Sakina and Mimi realize that they have plenty in common—and that they each need the other to get what they want most. 

This relatable and empathetic story about two friends coming to understand each other will resonate with readers who loved Other Words for Home and Front Desk

” A Thousand questions ” by Saadia Faruqi can be bough from Amazon – ( affiliated link )


Published by ivushka1985

I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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