Home School Chat with Endless Learning

“The home is the first and most effective place to learn the lessons of life :truth, honour , virtue, self control, the value of education, honest work and the purpose and the privilege of life. Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children , and no other success can compensate for failures in the home.” David Mckay

This Tuesday, we have @Endless learning , a homeschooling mama of one ,  for the Home School Chat series . She has also recently started her own blog, where she documents her home schooling journey. You can also find product reviews and free resources-https://endlesslearning.home.blog/


1)Tell us a bit about your family and your child/ children 

Asalamu Alaykum, I am a homeschooling mum of 1 ( a 7 year old daughter ) from Birmingham .We love exploring as a family and love the company of others.

2)What was your main reason for choosing to home educate your children ?

We had many reasons to why we chose homeschooling, I can minimise the long list to 3, 1) freedom 2) religious 3) comfort. Homeschooling provided freedom of learning,I could provide the ideal environment in which my child learns best in. An environment where she doesn’t feel pressure into following what everyone else in school is doing. We also had religious reasons too, we start our day with Quraan and Qaidah and this wouldn’t happen in the morning if she was going to school. We spend a lot of our time reading stories about the prophets and learning about the beautiful things out religion teaches us. And lastly comfort, having your kids around you and watching them grow is comforting and homeschooling provides that! Seeing your child write their first sentence or write a few words for the first time the feeling is just amazing, Allhamdulilah

3)What does a “typical”  home school day look like for your family ?

We try to get our “sit down work” done in the morning, but that doesn’t always happen, we could be doing maths just before dinner sometimes! We start the day with Qaidah/Quraan/Memorisation. By starting the day with the remembrance of Allah our day goes much calmer, Alhamdulilah.

We follow a semi- structured timetable. I have what I would like to cover in terms of sit down work written down and we do what we can. I like to have as much freedom in the day to do whatever we like. I believe learning happens everywhere and anywhere you go. Usually after lunch it is free play or we go out to the library or park. If there was a certain activity or lesson that I wanted to do in the morning and we never got a chance to do it, then I try to do it later during the day or week. We also love doing art on a daily basis, whether that is art indoors or outside!

4)What type of a home educator are you ( structured , semi structured , unschooling , Steiner , Charlotte Mason, Montessori etc ) 

I was a very structured home educator at first, but this became quite difficult very fast. I started to stress when I never got a certain lesson plan done or never done the list of subjects I wanted to do. So I decided we should have a semi-structured approach  as  it was more realistic. This way we have routine and some structure to the day which I believe is very important. Balancing out the day is crucial.


5)What do you love the most about home schooling ?

Oh there’s so much I love about homeschooling, very difficult to pinpoint one specific reason. I love the flexibility of it for sure. Learning happens everywhere. So if your child wasn’t feeling like doing a certain subject one day you can move on or do something else or incorporate the same idea into another activity.

6)What is your favourite subject to teach and what is your  least one ? 

My favourite subject to teach is maths and least is English. With maths it can only be one answer,  where as for English there’s so much to cover and it can get mind boggling at times.

7)What do you find challenging when it comes to home schooling your children

What I find challenging at times is trying to make whatever the lesson we are going to do exciting enough to get my child engaged and ready to listen. Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I will be in full home school mode and my child will have other plans and already decided she’s having the day off or maybe 2 days off, that’s a struggle for me, anyways.


8)How do you deal with unsupportive family , relatives and friends ?

I just ignore it. At first relatives around me were against the idea and would say how will she be at the right level or who will she be friends with. But eventually they get tired of asking. Now they have seen the benefits Alhamdulilah. It just takes time for them to come around the idea.

9)Where do you see your home schooling journey in 5 years time ?

I would like to home school through secondary too Insha’Allah, the way the school are in my neighbourhood , I wouldn’t want that sort of influence on my child. Insha’Allah

10)What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start home educating their children?

Find out what type of learner your child is, this always makes things easier when you start your home schooling journey with them. Take it easy; don’t rush into it straight away especially if you have removed your child from the school system. Allow it to become a natural part of your life and remember home school is not school at home it’s far from it. And do what works for YOU, what works for one family may not always work for YOU and that’s okay. Every family has different needs and you do what fulfils the needs of your family. Don’t be afraid to ask for help too! And remember there is endless learning done anywhere and everywhere, enjoy it!



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I am a Bulgarian Muslim Home schooling Mama of 5, married to a a British Bangladeshi , residing in the South West of England. I blog about our home schooling adventures, travels, the ups and downs of motherhood , parenting books and children's book reviews.

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