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“The Six Cards – How to Teach Your Child Qur’an ” by Amina Mohamed (book review)

    “There is no job more important than parenting “ I was recently sent ” The Six Cards – How to teach your child Qur’an ” by Amina Mohamed and although I reviewed this book on my own Instagram account, I find it is  always better to write a blog post , as itContinue reading ““The Six Cards – How to Teach Your Child Qur’an ” by Amina Mohamed (book review)”

How To Tackle the September Blues ( a post for home schoolers )

I have not had the time to research  if there really is a phenomenon such as  “September Blues when it comes to home schooling, but I am very much aware  that September is one of the months , when home educators can feel a bit anxious, insecure  and worried . This does not just applyContinue reading “How To Tackle the September Blues ( a post for home schoolers )”

10 Simple Nature Activities to do with your pre schooler (2-5)

We often presume that in order to connect ourselves and our children to nature, we need to do something big or go somewhere remote. What we often fail to realise, is that nature truly can be found right on our doorstep, whether it is in your garden or a walk around the neighbourhood, or inContinue reading “10 Simple Nature Activities to do with your pre schooler (2-5)”

5 Nature Book Series That Your Family Should Have

For the third year in a row, we are taking part of the great 30 days wild nature challenge, organised by the Wildlife Trusts.  This is a brilliant initiative to get people to connect with nature and do something wild for each day of June.  If you would like to find more information on theContinue reading “5 Nature Book Series That Your Family Should Have”

Lush workshop for home educators

    If there is one shop that my children absolutely love to go to , it is  definitely Lush. As soon as I heard that a local home schooling mama is organising a workshop there, we were all over the moon. The workshop started at 10 am and lasted an hour. The children wereContinue reading “Lush workshop for home educators”

5 Fun ways to learn how to tell the time

One thing ,that I have learnt when it comes to teaching children how to tell the time , is that they are more likely to understand the concept  when it becomes important to them , when they genuinely need to know when certain activities /tasks take place throughout the day . It all starts withContinue reading “5 Fun ways to learn how to tell the time”

Wagamama workshop for home educators

One of the highlights of 2018 ,in regards to foodie workshops , was our home schooling trip to our local Wagamama.  It is aimed for primary school aged children between the ages of 5-10.  It lasts 2 hours and it is a brilliant way for children to learn about food, its nutritional value and ofContinue reading “Wagamama workshop for home educators”

Pizza Express Workshop for home educators

A few weeks ago we attended a free pizza making workshop for home educators at Pizza Express . It was organised by a fellow home schooling mama. We have been to the same workshop 4 times throughout the years which simply goes to show how much we enjoy it. The workshop started really early atContinue reading “Pizza Express Workshop for home educators”